There are days when my eyes glance up into the sky and I just know that I need to take some time out to enjoy it… that’s because it’s almost impossible not to be relaxed and calm whilst cloud gazing; there’s a reason for the blissful saying ‘living on cloud 9’.
So, give this one a try, especially if you’re feeling a bit stressed out, anxious, or just having a low day… it’s a natural pick-me-up provided free of charge by mother nature that can help you feel peaceful, tranquil and more grounded. With me, it always brings happiness.

I’ve always been a big fan of cloud gazing ever since I was a little girl.  My dad has spent his entire lifetime working on the land and there’s nothing he can’t tell you about every plant, shrub or weed, or the soil they grow in, but he’s also a master of predicting the weather.  He can look up into the clouds and tell you exactly what conditions are on the way and when and I trust his predictions more than the MET office, seriously!  He’s incredibly connected to the earth due to his lifelong affair of working on it and I love that so much about him.  He’ll often telephone me, day or night, telling me to ‘go and look up into the sky now!’… and that love for looking up has completely rubbed off on me.

As I’ve grown up (yes, yes, debatable topic), I’ve realised just how therapeutic cloud gazing is.  Combined with some meditative breathing techniques it can be one of the most calming and relaxing pastimes imaginable.  You can literally float away to another world, clear your mind and sink into the earth becoming one with it.

If you haven’t tried it before, grab a blanket, get outside and give it a go!  I normally find somewhere comfortable to lay down or lean against and let my imagination take me away.  Let fresh air and nature take you back to a calm natural state of mind.  No matter what emotions you were feeling beforehand, give it time, you’ll be positively energised by the end of it.  If you’re feeling anxious about something, breath the anxiousness into a cloud and as it floats away and changes shape form, let the anxious feeling dissipate with it, just watch it disappear to nothing.

Our sky is the best magic show on earth and cloud gazing can be done in any weather, alone or with friends & loved ones. Some of my favourite memories are laying down gazing at the sky with my fur-girl Christi, which you’ll see in the final photo below. She may not be with me now, but I’ll cherish our sky gazing moments for a lifetime.

I personally love a good storm cloud brewing and cooling myself down on a hot day getting soaked by the rain, watching the lightening and listening to the thunder.  Or maybe take in the suns rays, or wrap yourself up in a huge blanket in the cold; whatever the weather, remember to breath, breath, breath; your soul will love you for it.

a ‘mackerel’ sky

I’m always shooting quick pics when a beautiful sky I love the look of floats in, they’re not professional shots, but just a moment in time which changes in seconds. I’ve taken all the photographs in this post, and as amazing as they are to capture on film, it still doesn’t come close to witnessing them in person and watching them slowly morph and take different shapes. I doubt I’ll ever witness another end of day set like the one below ever again… a perfectly straight line blocking off a Japanese sunset, which eventually started to break up into separate lines. Planet artwork at it’s best.

Trust me
It’s Paradise
Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience

Written by Jules
Photography by Jules