Well here she is, I’d like to introduce you to Little Wing herself!
This is an interior design before and after post for you to enjoy, she’s currently undergoing a full exterior makeover, which is very exciting, and that post will be featuring soon!

So, when I bought Little Wing, I needed her because I was moving 300 miles back to my dad’s with a lot of belongings from my house sale that needed to be stored.  I hadn’t bought another property at this time, neither did I have any intentions of buying one, and I thought she’d be big enough to store most of my belongings whilst I took some time to settle back into the old surroundings.  I also have 2 gorgeous German Shepherd girls that need the freedom to run around outside and it wasn’t practical for them to spend the daytime in my dad’s house.  So Little Wing was set in place, surrounded by fencing for the girls.  It’s a great set-up for them and they love their new field to run around and play in.

With the new world of 2020 changing the way we live, it became necessary for me to use the space in the caravan for some temporary living.  One small issue, I couldn’t stand the old-fashioned, claustrophobic design of the space, and in places, it was rotten and falling apart.  I’d already ripped much of the interior out the Summer before to allow more storage space, so it was a case of putting in some work to make it capable of being a happy, healthy home.  This was never meant to be a permanent residence, however she has ended up a gorgeous, tranquil, really practical, sturdy and comfortable van, quite capable of looking after her owner for as long as is necessary.

Some of the issues during part one of Little Wing’s makeover were… rotten flooring, some of which you could have put your fingers through, a shower room fit for a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and wall to floor 80’s style, small size fitted wardrobes in both bedrooms.  The light fittings were pretty horrendous too, but fortunately they all worked, so that was a relief.  The space, as it stood, wasn’t very practical and didn’t really vibrate the energy I like to surround myself with, so a complete rejuvenation was needed!  Fortunately, my partner in crime is a carpenter, roofer and general builder, so I was able to keep him very busy with tasks that he would find a breeze compared to me, which meant I could crack on with all the other DIY required, and there was a lot!  I very quickly discovered that working in a caravan is a world away from working on a house, literally everything is different, so this has been a huge learning process for me, but an enjoyable one, and not too overwhelming. Anyway, here’s a reel of before and afters…

before… the two bedrooms and shower room

All the bedroom fittings were either stapled, screwed or nailed into the timbers of the walls, including the cupboards, wardrobes, dressing table and gorgeous velvet head rest/corner sofa… an absolute pain to remove, but this hugely adds to the strength and stability of the caravan walls, so you need to be really careful when gutting an entire room, don’t do it in high winds and ensure you re-strengthen it afterwards. I did this by adding new furniture carcasses which were then screwed into the wall timbers.

I bought the caravan with double glazed windows already fitted, but previously, the single glazed windows had leaked which had caused rotten flooring which was soft to walk on and raised in some areas.

You can see above left how the floor was raising and then, above right, all the rotten flooring was replaced with gorgeous new thick structural hardwood plywood.

The shower and toilet room wasn’t a pretty sight! Everything was completely unusable. Again, the flooring was removed and completely replaced with hardwood plywood and everything in here was gutted.

So… after a bit of hard work you can see the efforts paid off, we now have a gorgeous structurally sound, comfortable, tiny home which is a pleasure to spend time in


Very handy storage for clean bedding and towels etc under here, which also acts as extra insulation in the colder months.

After the structural project in this room was completed, it was painted white, floor insulation was laid with new flooring & furniture fitted. The doors were painted sage green with a silk paint for a slight sheen and fitted with new brass hardware. New vents, lighting, switches and plug sockets were also fitted, and I love the grey black-out insulation blinds in here so much. They pull up and down to any level and just hold in perfect place with no need for pulleys. They block out direct sunlight if you want to keep the room cooler in the Summer and in return, they keep the heat in for the Winter months.

Now for the spare room…

The single bed was removed and after painting and re-flooring, new wardrobes and a dressing table were put in; this room acts as a dressing room/study and means that I don’t need to clutter up my main bedroom, which I like to keep quite serene and peaceful. I currently own too many clothes and need to have a sort-out, but I can at least keep them neat and free from dust in these beautiful wardrobes whilst I do this.

Now for the shower room and toilet, which is double doored, you can either enter from the main bedroom, or from the hallway leading off from the kitchen/lounge…

This is a small room, but a perfect size for what’s within it, and I love that it doesn’t take ages to clean!
I went a bit mad with the design because I just thought, ‘what the hell!’ I love bringing the outdoors in and taking a shower in here feels a bit like you’re washing in the jungle! I was going to fit a glass bi-fold door in here, and actually bought one, but call me crazy, I love the vintage glamping feel of a shower curtain so stuck with it, and for £5, you can mix up the design with a new one anytime you like.
And incase you’re wondering, it’s a Swedish Separett composting toilet which is absolutely fantastic, so good infact, I’m going to do a whole post on it shortly!

Anyway, hope you like her! Keep your eyes peeled for my next post which is the makeover of the kitchen, lounge and diner and let me know what you think of Part One below! I’ll leave you in the hallway ready to enter Part Two!…

Ciao for now…