So hopefully you’ve managed to take a peek through part one of little wing’s rejuvenation and here’s the second part to the interior design before and after post. Welcome to the lounge/kitchen/diner. As we are living in the world of tiny, all three of these areas are combined into one room and now that the original interior has been removed, it’s actually a great practical space where, in all honesty, we just don’t need more. Considering I’ve sold 90% of my belongings and have cut out most excess unnecessary items, I quite simply live with the basics and a few bits that I just enjoy having in my home. Clear space, clear mind. So, hope you enjoy…

before… the lounge/kitchen/diner

The original interior had segregated areas which were sectioned off with walls, I really wanted to make it one large space, so down they came!

I was so happy to pull all this out! The original sofas were thin, narrow, uncomfortable and really worn out. As I mentioned in part one though, when ripping out caravan interiors, you need to be careful that you’re not compromising the stability of the frame. Paul, being a carpenter, built me a U-shape white surrounding framework which was screwed into the timbers of the walls and floors and ended up being even more secure than the before.

Kitty loved joining in and thought the whole project was great fun!

There were some rotton floor areas around this space which needed replacing… Paul to the rescue! I also had a company come and fit a new double patio door down this end (on the left of Paul above) as it felt quite stuffy and I love fresh air, especially on a hot day when a breeze through the caravan is a must! It worked out perfectly.

So after a bit of hard work, here’s the end result. I love the freshness of it and how open it now feels with the walls taken down and the new patio door installed. The wraparound windows really give a sense of bringing the outdoors in too, which, as you know, I’m a big fan of! We get to view the beautiful trees from every angle.


I chose a fresh green kitchen unit, I love herbs and plants and I’m always inspired by their gorgeous organic colours, plus I thought it would pop against the white walls, splashback and worktop.

I made the wooden feature wall by purchasing whitewood boards and staining them with various light colours, then cutting them into random lengths and glueing them onto the ply wall. It’s seriously sturdy and has strengthened up the existing wall massively. The hooks are such a handy van hack too, I have them everywhere! I really enjoyed doing this bit and it’s probably one of my fave features.

This photo doesn’t do justice to the size of this sofa, it’s huge, more than enough space for us all to lounge out on or snuggle up and watch a film, love it so much compared to the narrow one you had to balance on before!

These copper lights by Hubsch actually came from my previous property, but were perfect for this space too.

The ceiling hung herb holder by Ikea is definitely my cup of tea! I can smell these every time I walk through the door.

If you don’t already have a Marshall speaker you need this in your life! It packs a punch with no distortion and some serious volume & bass. I play it quietly normally from the tunes on my phone with Bluetooth but if you’re having a party, this little speaker is more than up to the job!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed a larger sink in this van. It’s twice the size of the original and so easy to clean… stainless steel sinks all the way for me!

Kitty and Shiva living the life of riley!

Happy days in the field!

Hope you’ve enjoyed sharing my makeover with me, let me know what you think in the comments, ciao for now!