I’ve always felt a connection to our mother earth, well…having been brought up on a market gardening farm growing vegetables galore, I guess that just comes naturally and it’s been instilled into me from birth, but over the years I’ve come to realise just how important and essential being in nature is for your soul.

One thing I’ve always loved, even from being a little girl, is walking through the fields with the family dogs.  Under the age of about 12, it was always with my Mum, they were the best of times; singing, dancing, laughing, chatting, joking, learning.  We’d have particular songs that we’d sing, with dance routines we’d made up together as we walked.  ‘Let’s go fly a kite’ from Mary Poppins, was a favourite of mine!  Dare I admit it still is?! I know my Mum really valued those precious moments of life too.

As I grew up, I’d also go out alone, and now as a young woman, and no longer having my mum here to walk around the fields with, I connect that love to the earth, and my fur family that I never leave behind.
Walking in nature has more benefits than anybody could list.  It’s super good for your physical health, but that’s not even the start of it.  It’s a time when you can breath in fresh air, meditate, relax your soul, be at one with the land and, even if just for a moment, really get back to nature. In times of stress, worry or just when you feel your mood is a bit stuck in a rut, this is the absolute perfect remedy. I can guarantee that during your time outside in a natural environment, you’ll start to feel relaxed, energised and in a completely different uplifted mood.

I love the different species of insects, animals, fruits, berries and plants you find throughout the seasons, and learning about what they are and how they all grow, exist and change.  We see it all here, and we absolutely respect and appreciate it.  This Summer we are picking blackberries, cherries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, apples, green gage plums and figs, and the fields are being harvested for barley, onions and potatoes. Before long, Paul will be inundating us with his favourite food, mushrooms that he’s foraged… just a word of warning though, be very careful what you eat, you need to know your stuff, especially with mushrooms as some are deadly poisonous and others so potently hallucinogenic you could die from the toxins even from swallowing the smallest amount. So just be very careful if you get tempted to try anything remotely wild… or with magical properties!

I definitely admit to also spending a lot of time looking up at the sky whilst I walk.  I love it up there; clouds, birds, little planes doing stunts, gliders, air balloons… there’s always something great to watch.  We’re spoilt with historic airplane shows in the sky and every year we get huge flocks of Canadian Geese and those guys rule!  Not even my German Shepherds will mess with them!  But we love to watch them flying in and out.

The weather won’t ever stop us either, we’ll face it all; sunshine, rain, snow, ice… it doesn’t matter, they are all fascinating each with their own positive energies and vibes.

As I write this, I’m absolutely soaking wet through.  Me and the girls have just come back from a walk and got caught out by a huge thunderstorm and the heavens opening.  But what an amazing feeling… it’s hot and humid, and we’ve been out for a few miles, so when those black clouds just couldn’t hold back any longer, we just accepted it and walked through a flood of rain.  Here’s the worn out ones below, still a bit wet, but I’ve towel dried them down.  It’s only water right!

For me, the very best part of going out walking is the smiles on the furry faces.  When they’re happy and having fun, I’m happy too.  That kind of energy, money can’t buy.  It’s a richness that anybody and everybody can own.  No matter who you are, when you’re happy in nature, you are the richest person in the world.  I personally feel so lucky to be able to enjoy moments like these from my back door on a daily basis.

Your soul needs a break from hustle and bustle… love yourself and give it a natural recharge of positive vibes, clear your mind… visit nature

Written by Jules – July 2020

All photos on this post taken by Jules this Summer 2020