‘Keep your life simple. If you relax and truly investigate and experiment on yourself, you will discover the truth. Detoxification is the golden key’ – Dr. Robert Morse N.D.

As I peek my head out of tech hibernation, having spent the last few months in my transformation cocoon, I’m fully set for a fresh and positive 2021. The weather has certainly changed since my last post from the blazingly hot Summer of 2020; leaves on the trees have turned different shades of golden brown and fallen from the trees and the cold has certainly started to set in with frost covered mornings.  And just as nature has done, I too have decided to shed my old self ready for fresh cellular regrowth. Throughout this quiet time away from tech, I’ve been grounding myself in preparation of a mind and body reformation.

I think it’s important during stagnant times of our lives to stop and take reflection; ask ourselves if we are achieving what we really desire in the current stage we are living in. Take pause and look at the things we’d like to work on or change.  Stop feeling the pressure to continue as ‘normal’ when redirection is what is required.  As you know, over the last few years I’ve done a lot of shedding in my material world, turning to a minimalist lifestyle in Little Wing in order to give myself more freedom.  Have less to gain more, if you like.  My goal… to get back to nature, become more spiritually in tune with our Mother Earth, appreciate the small things and reduce my carbon footprint whilst living with (a lot) less, allowing myself a freedom away from society as we know it.  I’ve sold my 4-bedroom house, 90% of all my belongings and I’m living as eco as possible in a tiny space with very few items in comparison to my old life of consumerism.  Infact, I’ve managed to free myself of material objects I never imagined I would, or ever could, which in turn has lightened the heavy load I was carrying in more than just the physical sense. However, something was still nagging at me; there was one thing that I was beginning to think had become less simple, it wasn’t fitting in with my new lifestyle and it was getting me down, I had to do something about it.  My current relationship with Food.

Anybody that knows me on a personal level would say that I’m generally a super healthy gal that has always taken a huge interest in my health, the welfare of all life on Earth and our amazing Planet, enjoying a fully vegan life to include, not just the food, but everything from home décor and clothing to beauty & cleaning products, over a long period of years, nearly 20 infact. It’s no excuse, but moving into Little Wing was such a big upheaval and dramatic change of lifestyle, I’d started to get a little lazy with the food I was eating. I didn’t have any kitchen facilities for quite some time, not to mention any running water or toilet facilities, so with the click of a finger, life was very different for a few months, a bit of a struggle infact, albeit, an exciting one.  So along with this huge change, my eating habits started to change too.

Years ago, vegan alternatives were hardly available, not to mention they were priced like gold bullion; the only place that really sold them were specialist health stores rather than supermarkets and, for this reason, I’d made so much more effort to cook meals from scratch with simple and easily accessible ingredients.  I was used to buying fresh produce and preparing wholesome food on a daily basis.  I enjoyed the food so much; I was experimental; I felt vibrant, fit, slim and healthy; I was glowing infact!  However, for that first year in Little Wing, I‘d begun to take advantage of the huge market of vegan ‘junk’ food which is now so easily accessible in almost every food shop at much lower costs than it ever has been before; in return I’d started to notice my diet had less fresh produce in it and more nutritionally deficient food; products containing preservatives, salts, sugars, oils, chemicals etc with almost no health benefits. I was, without realising it, becoming lazy in the kitchen… well, to be fair, I didn’t really have one at the time! Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic there is so much ethical produce to currently choose from, I just believe that it shouldn’t fully replace FRESH ORGANIC plant food and this is where the different categories of Vegan come in to play…

I have friends and family who think that all vegans eat the same limited variety of foods, because there’s such little choice… but they couldn’t be further from the truth.  There is so much vegan food choice out there that the options are endless and there are different categories of vegan diets under the umbrella these days.  This is how I describe my gradual transition from being super healthy to vegan junkie and THIS is what I needed to correct… but even my old healthy ways needed reflection too.

So, due to this lazy style I’d started to adopt of chips, chocolate and wine, I’d been gradually piling on the pounds and my health had started to decline a little in general.  I won’t go into particular areas I felt I was suffering with on this post, but in general I just wasn’t as slim or fit as I used to be and my skin, hair and nails were no longer glowing.  Of course, you could say I’m just getting older, but truthfully, I haven’t aged enough to put it down to this and even so, age is no excuse for poor health through food choice… I’m blaming myself for falling into the vegan junkie category.  I was quite simply consuming too much chemical and preservative laden, sugar loaded products.

I was desperately feeling the need for change.  So, I started researching various sources online and this was when I stumbled across Dr Morse’s studies and the idea behind becoming a Raw Vegan Fruitarian, using iridology and herbs to enhance my health.  I’d read about this lifestyle a few years ago and, I’ll be completely honest, I always thought, ‘Wow, how could the majority of a person’s diet be mainly raw?!  Who could eat so much fruit?!  Those people must be mad!  That can’t be satisfying!  I could never do that!’ But for some reason, it now intrigued me, in a very big way.  Maybe I’d subconsciously allowed the idea to revolve around my head for long enough that it didn’t seem so crazy anymore, or maybe I’d just got so utterly fed up of consuming empty calories, looking groggy and feeling tired?  Who knows, regardless, I started studying it in more detail.  I began to read books (see bottom of post for full image gallery of book resources), I joined clubs & groups and started to divulge myself with knowledge.  I was becoming more and more intrigued and excited the more I learnt.

Dr. Morse focuses on The Great Lymphatic System incorporating Iridology (diagnosis by examination of the iris of the eye), along with a Frugivore diet of alkaline based uncooked foods and botanicals (herbs), for various personal health concerns and general detoxification of body toxins, waste and parasites.  He teaches us about regenerative detoxification and using fruits to help achieve this, assisting our kidneys to fully filter as well as all our other organs functioning as they should.  There are various levels of detox from mild to more intense and you can use these levels throughout your lifetime according to your needs to heal the cells of your body and clean your lymphatic system.  You don’t have to use these detox methods on a permanent basis and it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a whole array of healthy wholesome foods on a daily basis, but by regularly detoxing your system throughout the year, you can heal parts of your body which are longing for it.  Those people with ailments that require attention can use these detox methods on a more long-term basis to rid the body of the toxins which are causing the concerns.  If this interests you, then read Dr Morse’s ‘The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration’.  It has become one of my go to ‘bibles’ of health and food studies.

Anyway, I decided that rather than just reading about it, I’d start incorporating it into my daily routines, learning as I go.  I’d already spent the best part of two decades learning about human anatomy, nutrition and health which, for some reason, I’d decided to put to the back of my head whilst I went through my little junk food phase, so I considered myself to have a really good start on this new further topic.  It began.  I ditched the ‘supplements’ as I was determined that I’d get everything I required from living food and ask my body to do the work rather than just feeding it what I call plastic nutrition.  On top of this, I’ve never liked the idea of pesticides and agricultural chemicals entering my bloodstream, so all food from hereon had to be Organic and Fresh.  Of course this is an extra expense, but I’m rarely extravagant and always so frugal with my finances that I thought, well, if I’m going to spend a bit of extra money on anything, why not to benefit my own good health!  I’m worth the investment.  I don’t think twice about it now, good health is quite simply imperative.

I began the transition to Raw Vegan Fruitarian slowly by, firstly, cutting out all junk processed food & drink, alcohol and supplements (I don’t use pharmaceutical products, but if I did, I would have stopped these too). I then replaced my breakfast soya milk ‘protein’ shake with an Organic Fruit Smoothie blended up in my Magimix; Grapes, Blueberries and Raspberries mainly, and lots of them.  I would then have my lunchtime vegan chocolate ‘protein’ shake followed by a healthy vegan evening meal. After a couple of weeks I started to replace the lunchtime shake with another Organic Fruit Smoothie.  Over the next few days, I then started to incorporate a better version of my evening meal, some raw veggies with steamed kale, spinach and, at that time, brown rice. You can see below a small selection of organic fruit and vegetables that I purchase from my local supermarket (yes, I too wish we could stop the unnecessary packaging… if I can buy without I always do), along with an array of fruits I’m incredibly lucky enough to pick with no limits throughout the Summer; green gages, blackberries, apples and figs, along with many other berries. Next Summer, I’ll be sure to pick enough to freeze too.

I was still drinking a fair amount of water at this point… but there’s another thing that was really bugging me… the chemicals in our tap water.  So, of course, I bought a TDS monitor. These monitors indicate the ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ and show us how pure our water is, the higher the reading, the more contaminated the water is, with a reading of ‘0’ meaning pure.  They are super easy to use and very cheap to purchase at under £20.00. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy with the results of my local tap water at all.  Neither was I happy when I looked on my local council website to see that I’m in a Water Fluoridation Scheme area where the fluoride in the tap water is artificially increased in concentration as a method of reducing tooth decay!  That was a dealbreaker… tap water was over for me!  But what to replace it with?  I wasn’t impressed with water filters; Brita doesn’t remove Fluoride at all and the Zerowater filters, or similar, seemed so expensive long term with the filter replacements… according to most reviews, they were barely lasting 2 weeks and at £50.00 a pop, this wasn’t affordable for me.  For now, I was going to have to return to bottled mineral water.  But this had to be temporary because I was not going to be responsible for filling the earth’s oceans with plastic, which was the whole reason I’d stopped buying it and had turned to tap water in the first place.  Neither of these options could continue for much longer.  Of course, Distilled Water research was on the horizon and looking like a viable option, but at the same time, I didn’t fancy the idea of drinking 2 litres of distilled water every day, which, at that time, I thought was the recommended daily amount we should be drinking.  So, the whole water thing was playing on my mind and I wasn’t sure how I’d resolve it until later…

At this point, I’d evolved my learnings and was reading about Arnold Ehret’s ‘Mucusless Diet Healing System’, and really felt a strong connection to these studies as they completely fitted in with everything I’d read by Dr Morse (who’s studies stem from Arnold Ehret) about cleaning and healing our lymphatic system. Ehret’s diet eliminates mucus forming foods as these are thought to clog up our lymphatic system creating blockages, cellular damage, toxin build-up and, as a result, disease. Consequently, the rice in my evening meal was replaced by a baked sweet potato, as rice, being very starchy, is said to turn into a gluey, sticky like substance once consumed. The idea wasn’t to jump in all guns blazing but to transition slowly.  I didn’t have any dire health issues which needed immediate attention, and I was happy not to go to extremes too quickly, rather to take a slightly slower, less shocking route for my body.

So, by now, I knew I needed a professional slow juicer as my blender alone wasn’t going to produce the cold pressed juice I required.  I invested in a Hurom HAA, which I couldn’t be happier with.  And ever since it arrived, I’ve been juicing oranges, apples, pears, pineapples, throwing in a squeeze of lemon or ginger here and there… you name it, I’m juicing it!  And this is where my water problem has been resolved. So, rather than drinking water with content that I’m unhappy about or filling the planet with plastic, I’m flooding myself with organic living water and staying eco-friendly at the same time… it’s a win win result for both my body and the environment.  Rather than just washing my insides with a solvent (water) that merely flushes through my body, I’m giving myself hydration at the cellular level with living foods.

I’m now at the point where I’m mainly hydrating my body with fresh cold pressed organic juices, occasionally treating myself to a delicious berry smoothie. I’ll have the odd Coconut or Distilled water and piece of sweet fruit (bananas, dates, figs etc), and daily raw mixed salads as well as a variety of raw/lightly steamed veggies.  I don’t ever count calories and I simply consume as much as I require to stay satisfied. As I write this, I’m away from Little Wing and sitting in a tiny solitary Welsh cottage in a huge forest in the middle of Snowdonia with a log fire and snow covered mountains outside, so the occasional warm meal, atleast steamed, is a huge treat!  In the old days, I would have drunk water until about 8pm, but I’ve now stopped this and give myself a dry fast from 5pm until 8am the next day, giving my kidneys and other organs a chance to function and do what they do best to rid myself of toxins and mucus which I’ve built up over the years.  I’ve also learnt from Dr Morse that it is important to keep your types of fruit/veggie fruits separate; acid fruits and sweet fruits for example; and melons are to be eaten alone and on an empty stomach due to their digestion rate being different to other foods, so I’ve been adhering to these rules.

Anyway… a few months later, I’m not going to pretend it’s been super easy, but it hasn’t been super hard either; what I found astonishing was the part that I thought was going to be difficult, being hungry and missing cooked, processed food, I didn’t… I just never suffered with feeling hunger pangs from the loss of the old food.  I was ready for the change.  I’m consuming enough to satisfy my needs and I’m used to not eating after 5pm anyway, I’ve done this for years.

Now, bearing in mind my level of detox at the moment is quite mild, I was strangely pleased to notice some of the more common detox effects during the first month or two: very sore throat, mucus discharge from nose and throat, other minor flu symptoms, lower back and sciatica pain, amongst a few others. Considering I haven’t even started a more intense detox yet, I actually feel good that I’m feeling detox symptoms at all on this mild level… it inspires me to spend some time on a more intense level.  I understand that the detox effects are all part of the process and I am allowing my body to do what it needs to do to heal.  Although let’s see if I’m still saying that as I take it to a more intense level! But I really do think it’s important that, unless you require urgent detoxification for a particular condition, then try not to put too much pressure on yourself, start off mildly, building yourself up to a more intense level as you go.  Why go extreme when there’s no need!

As I write this, for the first time in years, I feel as though I am starting to get back to my old vibrant self.  I’m feeling bright eyed and full of life!  My clothes are all fitting me properly again and my skin and hair are starting to get the glow back… I’m excited… really excited!

My future plan is to continue my juicing and light daily ‘mucusless’ (yep I’m not keen on the word either, but you get used to it!) meals and incorporate days/periods of pure juice fasting to give my body a chance to continue expelling toxins and my organs the energy to function as they should at a more intense level.  There is no rush, this isn’t a fad, it’s a lifestyle I plan to continue permanently and benefit from more and more so over many years of good health to come, incorporating it with some spiritual, meditative exercise for my mind & body, along with outdoor walks in fresh air and Vitamin D (no matter the weather) with my beautiful adopted fur girls. Here’s Kitty & Shiva running around the coastside on Anglesey Island a few days ago.

Also, in the near future, I’ll be employing an Iridologist to read my eyes.  This way, I can further the knowledge of my own body, understand which areas I need to work on more closely (I’ve got a good idea on some already… adrenals and thyroid), and decide which herbs I can incorporate into my new fruity lifestyle to further my health and detox even more so.  I’ll let you know the results of my iridology reading in a future blog update!

So, with regards to simplicity, which is how this post originally started, my life with food has now started to match the rest of my life in terms of being more focused, streamlined, economical, healthy and easy.  I no longer scour around an entire supermarket searching for junk which isn’t going to benefit my health or satisfy my hunger.  I go to one department… the Organic Fruit and Veg section, or if I can locate good Fresh Organic Local products, of course I will encourage this, and I FILL my basket with goodies!  No more trollies full of a hodge podge of rubbish, just simple fruit and veg.  My relationship with food just got simplified to the MAX!  The one thing that was still causing me a headache, just said, Hey! Take me on your journey with you too!  So, I have.

And I must confess, my previous excuse for not cracking on with this lifestyle at an earlier stage because of my lack of kitchen facilities is by far the biggest excuse ever! Although, to be fair on myself, I didn’t realise this at the time. A juicer, a blender and a fridge will suffice if you don’t have a fully functioning space, as I didn’t in the caravan. Although I have to say that I do love Little Wing’s new streamlined work space so much! Here she is…

Next steps… having been brought up by my wonderful, now 80 years young (and Vegan!), Market Gardener Dad, who has spent his entire life on the land growing vegetables and veggie fruits and knows everything there is to know about them, I plan on growing my own abundance of beautiful Organic Goodies in the future… I feel this is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in life that was meant to be so watch this space!

Until then, I wish you all a happy, healthy, peaceful, wholesome day wherever in the world you may be and remember…

Choose calm

Choose healthy

Choose fresh air

Choose nature

Choose sunshine

Choose kindness

Choose life

Choose living Foods

Choose fruit!!

Written by Jules
Photography above by both Jules & Pexels
Below book resource image list by Jules – because I just love reading books, breaking free from electromagnetism and getting my info from organic paper that I can hold in my hands, rather than an electronic device, whenever possible! Enjoy…